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Right attitudes when Christians disagree

Romans 14:3

Some people think that Christians should agree about everything. That was not Paulís opinion. He understood that God has made each person differently (12:4-6). Christians have had different experiences in life. They may be from different nations. They have learnt from different teachers and they have understood different things. No personís knowledge about anything is complete or perfect. So of course even the most sincere Christians will sometimes disagree.

For that reason, Christians should learn to have the right attitudes towards those people with whom they disagree. Perhaps they disagree with another Christian about a matter which is especially important. Even in such a situation, they must not allow the matter to become an excuse for hate or for bitter feelings. They must respect and love that other Christian as their brother or sister in Godís family (1 John 3:10-16). If God has accepted that person, they too should accept him or her.

That other person clearly has very strong reasons for his opinion about the matter. He truly believes that in this matter, he is obeying God. So it may not seem strong enough for him merely to disagree with Christians who oppose him. Rather, he would like to express Godís anger or to declare Godís judgement against Christians who believe that wrong idea. However, he must not do that (Matthew 7:1-2). Christians do sometimes believe wrong and foolish things; but God deals with them as their loving Father (Hebrews 12:5-11).

Therefore, Christians who disagree must always deal with each other in a gentle, kind and patient manner.

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