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We must obey Godís message, and not merely hear it

Romans 2:12-13

There are many people who make this mistake, even today. Perhaps they go to a good church; perhaps they even read Godís word, the Bible, often. However, they have never really turned to God; they have never invited Christ into their lives. They do not trust him to save (rescue) them from their sins (evil deeds). Instead, they have a religion; and they think that their religion can save them.

They have heard Godís word often - but they have never really listened to it properly. If they did, they would hear about Godís judgement against their own evil deeds. They would know that they, like everyone else, have offended against Godís law (3:23). They would understand that God can only save them by the death of Christ.

Godís law - his word, with which they are so familiar - declares his judgement against them. While they continue in their evil deeds, Godís word declares them guilty. They have refused to trust Christ, and that is a terrible error. God gave them his word so that they could learn to trust him.

Christ too urged people to do what Godís word says (Matthew 7:24-27). He warned the people that it is not good enough only to listen to the words. We must allow Godís message to change our lives.

God judges fairly and rightly even those people who have never heard his law. However, there is a greater responsibility for the people who know Godís law (2:23-24). God has been very kind to us when he allowed us to hear his word. We must be very careful to obey it.

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