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A summary of each chapter in the Book of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 1:

There are powerful forces in this world, but even the greatest people are really very weak.

Chapter 2:

Work, wealth and pleasure cannot satisfy people.

Chapter 3:

God makes everything beautiful at the proper time.

Chapter 4:

Peopleís efforts are often without any real purpose.

Chapter 5:

Respect God, and do not love money.

Chapter 6:

Success in life does not satisfy a personís real needs.

Chapter 7:

As people are guilty of many wrong and evil deeds, they must think about their lives seriously.

Chapter 8:

The process of judgements in this world does not give a good life to everyone.

Chapter 9:

The same kinds of events happen in everybodyís lives, but people should still desire wisdom.

Chapter 10:

Foolish desires and lazy attitudes cause serious troubles.

Chapter 11:

Most people are not preparing in a sensible manner for the day when God will be their judge.

Chapter 12:

Only a right relationship with God can prepare you for old age, death, and the judgement of God.

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