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The danger of money

Ecclesiastes 7:7

The author of Ecclesiastes wanted people to study so that they could become wise. He constantly warned people about their foolish behaviour. But sometimes he thought that it was necessary to warn wise people, too.

People like to have wise rulers, wise officials and wise judges. There are many good opportunities for wise people. If a wise person uses those opportunities well, he can make himself successful. And that is the danger. The purpose of wisdom is not to give a person power, importance and wealth. The purpose of wisdom is to show a person how to make decisions that are right, proper and wise.

It is not right, proper or wise to love money (1 Timothy 6:9-10). The love of money causes people to do all kinds of wrong and evil actions.

For example, the love of money causes judges to accept secret gifts. Then they issue judgements that help the giver. Such a judge must not imagine that he has acted wisely. His decision is not wise; it is foolish and evil.

The love of money causes employers to force their employees to work too hard. The love of money causes lenders to act unfairly. The love of money causes rulers to use their power in an evil and cruel manner.

These powerful people became important because of their wisdom. But there is no wisdom in their actions now. People may still consider them clever and intelligent. But now these powerful people live only to serve their own desires, as foolish people do.

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