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God changes lives

Galatians 2:18-21

A new life with a new purpose

When someone becomes a Christian, his life changes completely. That personís old life has finished. The things that seemed important then are not important now. He has a new life.

That person has a new purpose for his life. Before, he lived for himself. Now, he lives for Christ.

Christ makes us *righteous

This is only possible because of Christ. Christ loved that person. He died for that person. And now that person lives for Christ.

It is not rules that make this possible. Godís rules say that a person must obey those rules completely. A person who does not obey Godís rules must die. But Christ died on behalf of that person.

It is love that makes this possible. Jesus loved, so we live. But we do not live so that we can do the same old things. It is Christ who makes us *righteous, not the rules. So we do not live by the rules. We live by Christ. We believe him. And, each day, he helps us to do the right things. He does this by the *Holy Spirit.

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