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A lesson about a farmer and his seeds

Galatians 6:7-8

Paul explains his whole letter in a few words here. A farmer gets the same food that he plants. No other food will grow on his farm. So he must plant the right thing. A farmer who plants weeds gets weeds! A farmer must choose good seeds to get good food.

There is a lesson here for everyone. People must choose what is important in their lives. But really, there are only two things that they can decide.

People who chose this world

(1) People can choose the things that are in this world. Really, they have chosen to make their own bodies important. In the end, the body is all that a person has in this world. And the nature of the body is that it will die. So really, that person has chosen death.

Perhaps that person does not want to obey any rules. He only wants to make himself happy. In other words, he wants his body to feel good. But his body must die. That person has chosen death.

Or perhaps that person wants to obey rules. So he tries to do this with his body. But his body too must die. And that person has still chosen death.

We all know that everyoneís body must die. But a person who chooses death has chosen something worse than that. He has chosen that his *spirit will die. And that does not mean the end of his *spirit. It means that his *spirit cannot go to Godís home, called heaven. Instead, his *spirit will go to a place where he will have pain and troubles. That place is called hell.

People who chose heaven

(2) People can decide that heaven (Godís home) is most important. Those people have chosen that their *spirits are more important than their bodies. Their bodies will die, but their *spirits will never die. Godís *Holy Spirit will cause them always to be alive.

The nature of the *spirit is that it is alive. So a person who lives by the *Holy Spirit is really alive. The *Holy Spirit gives life that has no end.

People can only choose to live by Godís *Holy Spirit because God has made this possible. God did this by the death of Christ. Christ died so that we can live. And that does not mean only to live in this world. The *Holy Spirit comes into our lives when we believe. The *Holy Spirit changes our *spirits when we let him teach us. The *Holy Spirit will cause us to be alive in heaven after our bodies have died. The *Holy Spirit will not leave us then. He will continue to make us alive, even when this world is not still here.

This is only for the people who let the *Holy Spirit rule their lives. It is only for people who really are Christians. They have chosen what is good. So, like the farmer, they will get what is good.

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