About these songs

About these songs CrossFire Ascent

This is a Bible Study website; so you may not expect to find songs here.

But, as an opera singer once remarked, people remember even the simplest pop song for longer than any sermon. So we can teach the Bible in different ways. Too many songs simply aim to stir the emotions. But these songs will show you how to use the Scriptures as worship, and for daily meditation.

Our Bible teaching attains to professional standards; but in our music, we are simply enthusiasts who love music and who want to praise God. And most of those involved with this website are self-taught. So please, sing along, and enter into the worship! You won't find perfection here - but you will find plenty of joy, and some really meaningful songs.

We would love people and churches around the world to use these songs in their worship. The songs are copyright because we don't want anyone to change the wording. But you are free to share these songs and recordings, so long as you do not sell them. And if you are a musician or a singer, we would like you to put your own recordings of these songs on the Internet.

To download or listen to the songs, please click on the name of the song in the left hand column, then select the MP3 from its own page. To see the score, please click on "music score" from the song page.

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